A few days ago, Jean Mago was among the most talked about topics on the scene for beating Faker in the Korean soloQ, with two hits from the four-time world champion mid laner. Didn’t you see the occasion? See the full match below:

After the victory, some players, coaches and personalities analyzed the streamer’s match and pointed out points where he could have played better, whether in the general confrontation or in the Leblanc versus Akali matchup. One of these was SeeEl, who even passed on a lot of feedback to Jean.

SeeeL analyzes Jean Mago’s game against Faker

Vivo’s new coach Keyd Stars, with the help of Revolta and TitaN, analyzed Jean Mago’s game and spoke about several points that the streamer needs to improve, whether in how to play the matchup, in the lane posture or even in how to analyze each game and behave differently towards them.

Even the Ward placed by Jean at the beginning of the game was analyzed. Despite seeming quite harsh in his criticism at times, SeeEl highlighted that he is doing this because he wants the Brazilian to leave the Master and reach the Challenger.

Watch the full VOD with subtitles:

Despite having made some jokes and questions, Jean Mago accepted SeeEl’s feedback. He is currently on the Master link on the South Korean server and still has 383 points.

Jean Mago vs Faker na soloQ Coreana

The match between Jean Mago and Faker soon became one of the most talked about on X (formerly Twitter), and on the Brazilian’s stream more than 10 thousand people watched the duel.

Current four-time world champion, Faker also had Ruler on his team, considered the best ADC at the moment. The player was already a world champion and this year he won the Chinese championship twice and also secured the MSI for JD Gaming.

In the game in question, Jean Mago not only won the match, but also soloed Faker twice. check out

published in December 26, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-seeel-da-coach-para-jean-mago-apos-vitoria-em-jogo-contra-faker

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