If you can’t embrace the LoL meta, all you have to do is embrace the madness! And well, there is a player from Korean Grandmaster who has been following this perspective and created the build and gameplay of Vi Mid!

Understanding Vi Mid

Before applying anything to the soloqueue, let’s understand the purpose: the player DRX Chika is practically a Main Vi, and he understood that the champion has a very strong spike with the item Serrated Dagger.

So, just go to a shorter lane and kill early, get the Dagger and level advantage and create the snowball. However, some good gameplay tips are worth it, but before that, let’s look at the runes.

Runes and skill priority

For Vi Mid you will want to choose these runes and prioritize these skills

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The runes serve to prioritize the skills that you will most seek to take advantage of: Q and Passive.

How to play the beginning of the game with Vi Mid?

You will opt for Flash and Ignite on Summoner Spells and will always start with Doran’s Blade. In lane you always want to hit Q, but you need to have two conditions: have the Passive shield and the Rain of Blades rune available. Don’t forget, you want to change right away First level!

With these two (Passive and Rune), no matter the opponent’s range, if he has a long range, you will be able to absorb the damage with the shield – and by starting the exchange, you leave first and return first in the wave: gaining the pressure advantage.

Don’t forget: when you hit the Q, add two more basic attacks. This will be easier with W and E, after all with W you reduce the opponent’s armor in the third attack. So the combo is: Q + Basic Attack + E + Basic Attack 2x. Until you get the kill potential or even the Serrated Dagger, that’s the idea.

Image of the new Vi Emboscada Primordial skin in LoL

Spike da Vi Mid

Spike is early, with the Serrated Dagger, Vi deals a lot of damage. So now is the time to get crazy, and don’t forget: you can pull waves of minions very easily with Q + E, but if you think it’s risky to expose yourself, use E.

This is the best way to pull the mid and go play to the other lanes, and if you do: always charge the maximum of Q When starting the gank, it’s the best chance to make the target spend a flash and help you get a hit.

Build Vi Mid

For items, you will transform the Dagger into Opportunity and ends with: Essence Harvester e Eclipse.

The rest of the items can revolve around the enemy composition, such as a Hexdrinker against a lot of AP, a Black Cleaver against a lot of tanks, a Collector against a lot of roles – in short – lots of possibilities!

Final tip: vary between Vi Mid combos

Vi has an essential combo in Mid: Q + Flash, but it has two variations – Q + Flash + Q and Q + Q + Flash. The second is more difficult to execute, but it is easier to surprise. When you miss the Q in lane, you practically give it away, so you have to focus on that.

For more tips, LoL Dobby made an explanatory gameplay:

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-vi-mid-one-punch-conheca-essa-nova-build-coreana

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