An old belief among LoL players is that Losers Queue: that you for some reason, from time to time, you get in line with worst players (both in the sense of toxicity and in the sense of lack of ability).

Gameplay Design Leader, Riot Phroxzoncommented that this is legend and explained more about how the queues work.

Rioter confirms that there is no Losers Queue

After several complaints, Phroxzon made a great report on his X (Old Twitter), explaining that the Losers Queue phenomenon does not exist, check it out:

We don’t put bad players on your team to make you lose more (Even if we assumed this premise, wouldn’t it be better for you along with good players so you stop losing?)

In ranked, we match you with people at your level and that’s it. If you were winning a lot and started losing, it’s because you’re playing against better players and not at that lower level. The reason will never be that we put you with all the trolls and on the other team we put all the best smurfs.

Rioter says again about focusing on your individual

It wasn’t long ago that Phroxzon told a player to seek an individual coach, instead of complaining about the team itself. Rioter said, in other words, that perhaps it’s more of your individual’s fault than the way the queues are made:

For the 99.9% of people who read this, even if you think you’re playing perfectly and are going to post a screenshot of the perfect KDA with the rest of your team “intact”, I promise you that if a good player watches your games he will tell you 100 things you could have done differently that would change the trajectory of the game.

Of course there are games where your allies play poorly, it’s the nature of a 5v5 game. In the long run, you are the only common factor and the only one responsible for the link/MMR you are in. If you are in an “unwinnable” game and watch a replay with any Challenger player, it will show you how you would win.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 13, 2024


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