A Riot Games is looking to bring more accessibility to League of Legends. In recent days, the developer introduced a new measure within the game to make it easier to identify when a champion uses his global ultimate.

According to a published video, a notification is being tested on the PBE that will appear after a champion casts his special ability and that emits some type of sound, like the ultimate of the Sion It’s from Kledfor example.

The bar will appear similar to when you eliminate a champion or destroy a tower. This change will not be fixed, that is, necessary for all players, but rather activatable for anyone interested in the new function.

To activate, just go to options, interface, accessibility and click display champion sound notification.

Riot wants to bring more accessibility to League

Many players who are deaf or hard of hearing play League, and this new way to find out when an enemy champion uses their global ultimate serves to make the game more accessible.

In addition to these specific people, playing Riot Games’ MOBA without sound also provides relief from FPS drops. In other words, it improves game performance for those with weaker computers, but these players also did not hear when certain champions used their global skills and, therefore, this function will also be useful to them.

Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games
Luis Santana
published in September 25, 2023edited 3 days ago

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