Riot Games plans important changes to League’s ranked queue system, and one of them is implement Duo on the Master link, which is the third largest in the game. For some time now, high-level players have been asking the company to allow the duo in these links again.

Obviously it’s still not the best of all worlds for these players, since those who are in Grand Master and Challenger still won’t be able to play with other people as a duo, but it’s already a start so that, who knows, in the future Riot will return with permission.

Rioter Iksar spoke about the possibility of Duo in the Master link

We are considering opening a double queue for the Master link, in addition to Diamond and lower links (which already have permission currently). Consult different regions that tend to have different opinions on this topic. We are open to different regions with different rules if necessary.

Elo Mestre may gain permission to have a Duo in 2024 (Image: Disclosure/LoL)

In addition to this revelation, Rioter also commented on Reddit about other changes that Riot intends to make to the ranked system, most of which are more focused on the internal algorithm.

Riot had already revealed that it intends to make important changes to LoL’s MMR calculation, and in that same post, Rioter revealed that these changes will allow them to detect and ban smurfs from the game.

All the changes that Riot intends to make should arrive throughout 2024, and with that more details will be revealed.

Image to illustrate the LoL patch dates article
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in January 18, 2024


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