The new game mode LoL In 2023, Arena was a success and will receive more updates. However, the Riot announced that he is working on another new game mode in LoL.

What will the new game mode be like?

According to the developers, the company is testing a new mode in LoL’s core mechanics. However, unlike Arena, the focus will be on something calmer and more pleasant, as mentioned by Riot Cadmus.

Unlike Arena, the new mode will be a calmer option to spend time with friends while playing

More details about it should be revealed throughout 2024.

Modes that will return to League in 2024

URF will be one of the ways to return to LoL (Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Rioters shared the alt mode rotation with the community during the announcements for Season 2024.

O Urf way will be back, right at the Lunar New Year event, which usually takes place at the end of January, and then it will be the turn of All for one.

See other news announced by Riot this Friday (6):

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