Riot Games just announced “Indomitable Crystal” a new mythical skin theme for League of Legends.

Integrating the alternative universe “Magicae Prismatica”, this theme takes players to the wild and untamed lands north of the civilization known as Crystalis Motus.

As part of the shared alternate universe of “Magicae Prismatica,” Crystalis Indomitus explores the twisted half of Crystalis Motus: the wild, untamed lands north of civilization. There, the creatures do not use crystals, but the opposite, being totally consumed by power and with almost no memories of their past lives. And their only wish? Spread crystalline corruption. The entire civilization (the varied factions of Crystalis Motus) fears the arrival of these creatures and prepares for the war to come.

Which champions will receive the “Crystalis Indomitus” skins

Firstly, Riot revealed three champions who will receive the new Mythical skins. O Kha’Zix It’s the first and it arrives in March. See a preview of it:

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Next we will have skin for the Xerath (June) and Nautilus (August). Check out Loja Mítica’s next rotations in 2024.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 29, 2024


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