We know that support is the most unfair position in League of Legends. In addition to having to die for the team on many occasions, just “playing well” is not necessary to move up a level, and the clip we will show below is proof of that.

Playing support in LoL Bronze

With the nickname “UnholyDemigod”, this user showed in a video how he tried to do everything (really everything) to save his ADC, Jhin. Even though he survived longer than he should have and still got some kills, in the end he ended up dying

Supporting in low elo is like trying to wrangle suicidal toddlers
byu/UnholyDemigod inleagueoflegends

The video went viral on Reddit with more than 500 comments and 3.2 thousand likes. While many laughed at the situation saying “that was painful to see” it’s atthe fact that even after all that, Jhin still died”, others took the opportunity to raise the point about the lack of vision that low elo players have.

Dude, look at the map. He (Jhin) is trading with the opposing ADC under his tower while Yi is botside and they are completely blind. The only reason they both didn’t die from this decision was because Yi was doing Dragon instead of looking for a super easy gank. […] Put a high elo player in that situation and his spider senses would activate even before the video started, but Jhin continued to play aggressively

Furthermore, many players also joked about the fact that Jhin picked up the flashlight more than once, even though it took him a while.

I’m impressed they even got the flashlight. in my experience, I throw my flashlight in front of them while they are running away and they just walk right past it.

Well, this was just one of several videos showing how support suffers in League of Legends. If you play support at soloQ, you can be sure that your place in heaven is guaranteed!

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Bruno Rodrigues
published in September 22, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-esse-clipe-mostra-como-e-doloroso-jogar-de-suporte-no-bronze

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