After a long time of changing Neeko’s passive, a player discovered a new mechanic that no one knew about and appears to be extremely stolen, even capable of completely changing the course of a play.

The coach of Barcelona Esports, Mauro Garih, showed in a video the new role that Neeko can perform when she transforms into a minion. The champion is able to dodge several MOBA character abilities, such as the ultimate Darius and also that of Sejuani.

In the video below, you can understand Neeko’s new mechanics and some of the skills she can get out just by using her passive.

Why does this Neeko mechanic exist?

The explanation is simple! When the champion transforms into a minion, the aspect is not just visual. In other words, it receives all the characteristics of a troop in the game and cannot be affected by skills that do not also affect them naturally.

This is why, when it is transformed in this situation and also as a jungle monster, it receives increased damage from hitting, which is the game’s damage in this type of occasion.

Reproduction: Riot Games
Luis Santana
published in September 23, 2023edited 9 hours ago


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