The year is not over yet, but we already have the exact date of each LoL patch which will arrive in 2024. Patch 14.1 opens the 2024 Season and will arrive on January 10th, which is also the date that resets the LoL link.

O More Esports prepared the complete list of arrival dates for each of the patches de 2024 do LoL. We will always update this text when dates change.

Patch update dates in 2024 in League

  • Patch 14.1: Wednesday, January 10th
  • Patch 14.2: Wednesday, January 24th
  • Patch 14.3: Wednesday, February 7th
  • Patch 14.4: Thursday, February 22nd
  • Patch 14.5: Wednesday, March 6th
  • Patch 14.6: Wednesday, March 20th
  • Patch 14.7: Wednesday, April 3rd
  • Patch 14.8: Wednesday, April 17th
  • Patch 14.9: Wednesday, May 1st
  • Patch 14.10: Wednesday, May 15th
  • Patch 14.11: Thursday, May 30th
  • Patch 14.12: Wednesday, June 12th
  • Patch 14.13: Wednesday, June 26th
  • Patch 14.14: Wednesday, July 17th
  • Patch 14.15: Wednesday, July 31st
  • Patch 14.16: Wednesday, August 14th
  • Patch 14.17: Wednesday, August 28th
  • Patch 14.18: Wednesday, September 11th
  • Patch 14.19: Wednesday, September 25th
  • Patch 14.20: Wednesday, October 9th
  • Patch 14.21: Wednesday, October 23rd
  • Patch 14.22: Wednesday, November 6th
  • Patch 14.23: Wednesday, November 20th
  • Patch 14.24: Wednesday, December 11th

How often are LoL patches released?

LoL patches are released every two weeks. They usually always air on Wednesday, but occasionally they can arrive on Thursday or even suffer delays due to holidays and technical problems.

What is the emergency patch, or Hotfix?

This patch brings small adjustments, made occasionally after the release of the main patch. For example, if Riot releases patch 14.1 and, after it is live, needs to make some adjustments to champions, it can release patch 14.1a to fix minor issues. Because these patches are occasional, they do not appear on the calendar.

How important is the LoL patch?

League of Legends patches are a crucial part of League of Legends as they keep the game up to date. They generally aim to balance the game by adjusting champions, items, and runes for both professional play and everyday players.

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Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 23, 2023


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