Riot Games revealed that it will soon test its second version of new LoL Bots, that promise to transform the gaming experience in the Coop vs. IA de League of Legends.

In update 14.6, players will be introduced to a new generation of artificial intelligence for bots, raising the level of challenge and learning within the game.

Novos Bots IA no League of Legends

Darcy “DashiJador” Ludington, along with the Bot Team, shared the launch of new AI technology, which will be applied at introductory, beginner and advanced levels.

The goal is clear: to provide an environment where new players can learn and grow. The promise is of game mechanics closer to normal Summoner’s Rift matches, with bots acting in a more intelligent and strategic way.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Feedback and Improvements

It is worth remembering that the Bots were already placed on the PBE in September for testing, and the team collected a lot of feedback from the community.

Based on this information, corrections were made to more than 80 bugs, in addition to significant improvements in the bots’ itemization, movement and combat capabilities.

Interactions with plants in the environment were also added and the list of initial bot Champions expanded, among other updates.

With these changes, players can expect cooperative AI closer to a PvP match, with bots capable of taking on roles as hunters, rotating between routes and even eliminating objectives on the map.

When do new bots arrive in League?

They are scheduled to enter the server at patch 14.6which arrives on the day March 20. It’s unclear whether the new Bots will make it onto the PBE before their official arrival.

Image to illustrate the LoL patch dates article
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 29, 2024


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