O streamer e mono Jax, Nicklink, is in a bootcamp in South Korea and managed to accomplish another unprecedented feat: getting the link Teacher in only 36 hours and with 80% winning percentage.

Without sleep, but in the Master

Nicklink not only reached Master on the Korean server, but also accomplished the achievement without sleeping since arriving in the country, that is: four days ago.

Even so, the community did not “forgive” some of the streamer’s naps in the race for Master.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that the streamer has gone on a super journey. In 2022, Nicklink streamed 60 hours from Unranked to Master on the Brazilian server.

Community reacts to Nicklink on Korean Master

And of course the community celebrated a lot with Nicklink in Mestre. Check out the fans’ reaction:

Nicklink stream success

Nicklink’s broadcast in Korea was a real success! The streamer had a spike of more than 14 thousand people in your liveover 112 thousand unique viewers.

Nicklink is expected to continue doing lives directly from South Korea, this time trying to reach the Challenger link.

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Sergio Fiorini
published in January 8, 2024

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