The year has barely started, but Riot has already revealed a series of new features for LoL, including the Champions will receive Prestige skins for the first half of 2024, new skin lines and other information! See a summary below.

Champions who will receive Prestige skins in League in the first half of 2024

  • Friends
  • Ezreal
  • Kindred
  • Evelynn
  • Kayle

The dates on which each skin arrives on the server were not revealed. By the middle of the year, Riot should make a second update for the champions who will receive skins in the second half of the year.

New skin lines in LoL

The first event of the year will be the Lunar Festival, which in addition to the return of Urf, will host a line of new skins called Celestial Scales e Primordial Ambush. See the champions:

Celestial Scales

  • Lee Sin
  • Ezreal (Prestige)
  • Kai’Sa
  • Master Yi
  • Diana
  • Janna
  • Smolder
Kai’sa Celestial Scales (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Image of the LEe Sin Celestial Scales skin
Lee Sin Celestial Scales (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Primordial Ambush

The Primordial Ambush skins are inspired by elements of Asian culture, mainly the tiger. Riot did not reveal the list of champions who will receive them, but in the video you can see the following characters:

Image of the skin vi Primordial Ambush in League
Vi (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Image of the Talon Primordial Ambush skin in League
Talon (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Image of the Primordial Ambush sivir skin in LoL
Sivir (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)
Image of the Nidalee Primordial Ambush skin in LoL
Nidalee (Image: Reproduction/Riot Games)

Return of Porcelain skins

These are the champions who will receive the new Porcelana skins in 2024:

  • Kindred (Prestige)
  • Graves
  • Darius
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Irelia
  • Aurelion Sol

Thematic skins will also be released “Fairy Court“, “Project” e “Blood Moon“.

Old legendary skins will receive frames

Some old Legendary skins did not receive additional content, as at the time Riot did not even work with these cosmetics. Now the skins bro, World Director e Tristana Dragon Trainer They will also have frames.

Rammus and Olaf are going to get out of limbo!

Rammus and Olaf, who haven’t received skins since 2021, have received new appearances again! The themes of the skins were not revealed, but in the announcement, it is possible to see a small spoiler for Rammus.

In the photo you can see Rammus' new skin for 2024
Reproduction/Riot Games

See also other news announced this Friday (5):

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