Naafiri was released a few weeks ago and players were finally able to discover the full strength of the champion. It was even on the rise in the first few days, but after the hotfix, it got back on track. However, at the moment, she is the best character to play in two different lanes, both mid and top.

Considering all the LoL links, the Nafiri is the best in the two positions mentioned above. At the top, she achieves a win rate of 53.02%while in mid lane the champion is with 53.13%a bit bigger.

(FDoto: Disclosure/Riot)

Naafiri in the jungle didn’t win

Although players have tried to placate the new champion in the jungle, the attempt did not work out. She never had a good win rate in the position, although her jungle clear is pretty quick and without losing much health.

In general, as of patch 13.16, Naafiri is the worst choice if you want to play position. She is behind all other champions, according to with 44.06% win rate.

Champion was nerfed but still going strong

In patch 13.16, Naafiri received some nerfs, even though Riot said they thought she was in a healthy place within LoL. Still, she still has absolute dominance in the top and mid, and because of that, she will receive more changes in patch 13.17.

Naafiri will even be qualified for Worlds 2023, the LoL World Cup that will take place from October in South Korea. Until then, she may lose priority, or remain a champion that causes headaches for developers.

Luis Santana
published in August 23, 2023edited 4 days ago


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