The European team MAD Lions KOI announced its new inclusive League of Legends squad on its social media. The team will compete in the main inclusive competitions in Europe, such as Equal Esports Cup e Pathfinders.

MAD Lions KOI Lineup

  • Top: Catch you
  • Jungle: Delicate
  • Mid: Vixen
  • ADC: Stratospanda
  • Support Pjush

Reproduction/Social Media

The inclusive MAD Lions KOI has the athlete at the Top Catch youwho has already played for major teams on the scene such as SK Avarosa and BIG Chroma.

Jungle’s representative is Delicateformer Team GO Aurora player and achieved top-3 and top-5 performances in recent competitions.

No mid, Vixen brings greater experience, with two qualifier titles and two runners-up in the main event of the Equal Esports Cup and Pathfinders.

The bot-lane is formed by ADC Stratospandarecently placed third in the Equal Esports Cup and supporting Pjushcurrent champion do Equal Esports Cup!

It’s a trend

The inclusive scenario is becoming a trend on the European scene. Now MAD Lions Koi joins major EMEA organizations like SK Gaming, G2 e BDS who also have competitive inclusive teams.

Brazil, in turn, was a pioneer in encouraging the scenario with the Ignis Cup championship and the Ignis Academy, that promote the inclusive scenario.

Image from MAD Lions Koi
(Image: Disclosure/MAD Lions)
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 7, 2024


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