Success in lower division championships than the Academy, the LOUD Trainee will have changes over the coming months. That’s because the players shouldn’t go together and will go their separate ways.

O More Esports found that the last championship won by the squad was the last of the players together. In this sense, there is also little chance of them being taken advantage of by the LOUD and other teams are already showing interest in the athletes.

Players interest other Academy organizations

Without a contract, they will leave without generating any value for LOUD. curtsy is the target of LOS it’s yes FURYwhile ThayT is one of the names listed for the Save. Improve is also a target of the Panthers, as well as Uzent.

Curty and Uzent also have talks with LOUD, but today a deal between players and staff is unlikely to happen.

What does LOUD say?

Sought by the report, LOUD says it has nothing to comment on the subject.

Luis Santana
published in September 4, 2023edited 3 days ago


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