To start the week off right, Riot released this Monday (23) the first song from his new League of Legends music group, Boy Band HEARTSTEEL The song is called PARANOIA and brings participation of artists BAEKHYUN, do EXO, tobi lou, ØZI, e Cal Scruby.

Watch the clip:

The Boy Band HEARTSTEEL has League of Legends champions as members. They are: Ezreal (vocalist), Forest (rapper, instrumentalista), Aphelios (instrumentist, composer), Again (producer), K’Sante (co-leader, vocalist) and Set (co-leader, rapper).

HEARTSTEEL is a group of dynamic adventurers who express their individuality and creativity without giving satisfaction to anyone. Their mission is to pave the way to success by following their own rules. The group’s personality and sound draw inspiration from modern musical collectives and a variety of influences from different genres and eras, resulting in a bold and unique identity.

HEARTSTEEL is the fourth musical group from Riot Games

This is not the first musical group created by Riot Games. The company started with the Heavy Metal band Pentakill and with her released two great albums and accumulates more than 200 million reproductionson streaming platforms.

Riot also launched the group K/DA, K-Pop, which was the company’s most famous until then. The clip “POP/STARS” It was recently certified Platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), and its music video has more than 560 million viewsbeing the most successful video of the company to this day.

The last group launched was the True Damage, over 165 million reproductions on streaming platforms.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
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published in October 23, 2023edited 3 days ago


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