LoL has already released several champions that have become the priorities in competitive, but maybe nothing so insane as the K’Sante. The champion was released in 2022 and dominated the meta of 2023 and remains the most popular Top choice in 2024.

Non-competitive K’Sante numbers

K’Sante has always been a great choice for “shielding” – that is, choosing without knowing who his rival will be at the Top – and this happens because the champion is able to absorb pressure early, he is a tank that deals a lot of damage in the middle of the fight. game and is immortal after 30 minutes of play.

This adaptability made him appear in 51.7% of competitive games in 2023, being chosen 2,734 times and banned 1,378 times. K’Sante won 1.292 matches, having 51.7% of victory last year.

In the year 2024 the champion has 65.6% of appearance, being chosen 220 times and banned 93 times. K’Sante won 126 matches, having 57.3% of victory this year.

Community reacts to K’Sante’s competitive numbers

This bizarre presence became a topic on Reddit, but it’s clear that the community has been reacting to K’Sante for a long time, how can we not remember that classic Showmaker video?

“K’Sante, 4,700 Health, 329 Armor, 201 Magic Resistance, is Unstoppable, has a Shield, passes through walls, can lift the opponent, has a cooldown, costs 15 Mana.”

Let’s check out the community’s comments:

He is perfect for competitive, he has everything a Toplaner needs, he builds tank, but he can deal the damage of a Bruiser due to his ult.

A fan commented shortly after:

I think this is the main problem with the game today. There is no champion of the “do no damage” archetype.

Another community member highlighted K’Sante’s skill kit:

This is the kind of problem you have when a new champion’s entire skill kit is completely broken.

And a user agrees and cites Azir as an example:

I’m shocked that this is STILL a problem. We should have learned this in 2014 with Azir. When you give a champion everything he needs in his kit, it becomes impossible to make the champion balanced for both competitive and ranked.

And maybe nerfing isn’t the solution, check out this comment:

Look, it’s a good (skills) kit. K’Sante, even with weak numbers, will always be useful. He will always build all tank items, so even if his damage is extremely low, he will be mobile enough to reach any target in a fight or provide assistance to his allies.

Another fan sums it up in his own way:

K’Sante is Top’s Thresh. Numbers can’t stop him completely, but his kit (of skills) is enough to give him a gap.

And a member of the community says:

It’s just my opinion, but honestly K’sante is very annoying to watch in competitive and reduces many weaknesses of professional Toplaners. It’s not like a Malphite, which is useless if it misses the R.

K’Sante is also scary in Brazil

In CBLOL, the numbers also favor the champion, after all, K’Sante was one of the few with 100% presence in the competition.

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot)


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