It is not today that custom skin no LoL are successful. Creators from all over the world make the most diverse customizations, such as: Zac Luffy Gear 5 or Twisted Fate Silvio Santos.

Among these creators we have a Brazilian who is already well known around the world: Soraka02which has lately been showing some bizarre fusions of League champions. Jin’koz, Brauumi, Khaziggs and other creations are posted on your X (formerly Twitter) weekly.

Bizarre LoL skins made by Soraka02

Khaziggs (Kha’zix + Ziggs)

Jin’Koz (Jinx + Vel’Koz)

Brauumi (Braum + Yuumi)

Elise + Lux (so bizarre it doesn’t even have a name)

Lux + Skarner

Dravenlu (Draven + Lulu)

Ludraven (Lulu + Draven)

Miss Braum (Miss Fortune + Braum)

Annieax (Annie + Jax)

Lulux (Lulu + Lux)

Luxnivia (Lux + Anivia)

Lux’zix (Lux + Kha’zix)

Soraka02 doesn’t just live on bizarre things

Although the oddities have gained prominence in recent months, creator Soraka02 has also made LoL skins with external references and the result is really cool. There was even Twisted Fate Silvio Santos (my favorite). Check out:

Custom skins may end soon

Although custom skins are a joy for the LoL community, their days may be numbered due to the arrival of VANGUARD, LoL’s new anti-cheat.

Riot has not yet stated whether the program will prevent custom skins, but because it has such “deep” access permission on the computer, the creators fear that it will not be possible to continue with the projects.


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