At the end of the last season, Hey he had some improvements in his numbers, but remained the champion with the lowest victory rate. Everything would indicate that the popularity of the champion – which was no longer that many – could cair and as a result of this its win percentage would increase. However, a curious phenomenon occurred.

Is Hwei becoming popular?

Although the champion is complex, his popularity has remained stable following patches, check it out:

  • In patch 14.1, Hwei had 45.28% of victory e 5.1% of apparition;
  • No patch 14.2, oh well then 47.40% of victory e 4.65% of apparition;
  • No patch 14.3, oh well then 47.51% of victory e 5.07% of apparition.

The data is from the website Lolalytics and it is worth mentioning that in patches 14.2 and 14.3, Hwei is respectively the 11th and 10th most selected mid-laner, and as a “maguinho” he is second only to Ahri and Veigar.

Going a little further

This mentioned cut was counting the cut of all the links. If we change the queue to the Master +for example, we notice that in 14.2 the champion had 7.35% of appearance in ranked – which makes it the sexto mid-laner most chosen. Not only that: with 54.50% of win rate!

Which proves the point: the champion is difficult, but the more individual skill, the more you can enjoy the champion.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Why is it becoming popular?

It’s true that he started to appear more competitively, but for example: BeryL used the champion as support in LCK 2024, and appearances in LEC 2024 and CBLOL 2024 were not surprising. The community questioned on Reddit why this movement.

He is a champion who gives satisfaction in improving. It has a very high ceiling for you to improve individually, so if you dedicate yourself to it, you will see improvement over time. I think he has the same ceiling as an Akali or a Ryze.

Count a player and receive a response on the same page:

Exactly, and I also think his style is really cool. He doesn’t have anything that draws absurd attention, but the fact that he is very effective with very different spells makes everything more beautiful. Playing with him is so much fun.

And another member of the community expressed their love to Hwei:

He basically made me interested in Mid Lane again, I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with a champion.

And there are already people asking for a nerf for the poor guy:

I feel like he’s a nightmare to play against and definitely needs nerfs, as people tend to just get better with him.

And a Hwei fan cites the champion’s “humanity” as one of his strengths:

Hwei is somehow the only human male wizard, without additional additions such as, for example, Swain – who is half man and half demon or Twisted Fate who is not a wizard at all. It’s bizarre to think that it took so long to add him to the game, it’s probably not the main reason for his popularity, but it brings an interesting representation.

Whatever the reason, it’s worth – once again – giving Hwei a chance. After all, your popularity is stable and your win rate is only improving!

Image of the Hwei Blessing of Winter skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)


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