The channel LoL Dobby made some replays of ranked elo matches available Korean Challenger to show how players are using the Skarner inside LoL.

How are the Korean Challengers playing Skarner?

Skarner in Korea has been played a lot by Top! Your rune usually has two important variations, which depend exclusively on the opponent, check them out:

Rune against champions without sustain

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

This rune will enhance Skarner’s main thing: harass. In case you don’t know what the term means, it means that Skarner will have several tools to pull the lane while takes the life of the enemy.

That’s why you want to have Cooldown with Mana Flow Range in the rune. The secondary runes have varied a lot: you can go with Domination, if you believe it will break.

In the photo, one of the second rune tree options for Skarner
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Or you can choose to go with Determination, if you are going against a lane where the opponent can go all-in a lot (Examples: Jax, Olaf, Urgot and Darius).

In the photo, one of the second rune tree options for Skarner
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Rune against champions with sustain

If you are against champions that heal a lot, like the Korean Rek’Sai, you will opt for Grip of the Living Dead. This rune will balance your healing with that of the opponent and, logically, will keep your harass making sense. Connects to the rune:

In the photo, one of the Korean Skarner runes
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

The secondary option above Domination also makes sense, but here you can include Sorcery as well. Check out the example:

In the photo, one of the second rune tree options for Skarner
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Which skill to prioritize?

If you were from Comet, you will prioritize W-Q-E and if you went with Grasp of the Living Dead, your order of skills to maximize will be: Q-E-W.

In both runes, you will first level up the Wand then the Q. The difference lies at level three: if you are Cometyou will put another level in W and if you are Openplace the point in E.

Image of the post-rework Skaner EScorpião do DEserto skin
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

What is the itemization of the Korean Skarner?

You will start with Anel de Doran it’s two Life potions For Korean Skarner, don’t forget the keyword: harass. Right at first return to base do Tear of the Goddessand then you will close the item according to your opponent: if he does AD, do Sunfire Aegisbut if he does AP, choose you will do Empty Radiance.

Check out the complete build in order of priority:

In the photo, the complete build of the Korean Skarner
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

How to play Korean Skarner

Beginning of the game

The gameplay is simple: as we’ve already mentioned the keyword a few times, you don’t want to be DPS, that is, Damage per Second. Avoid all-ins and always try to poke the enemy with W and maintain pressure from the Wave.

OW, in addition to giving you shield, it also slows you down. So it’s a good ability to move backwards. With pressure and Q after the first wave, you will always want to abuse buffed hits: give two basic attacks in the wave, and try to give the opponent a third attack and use W to get out. This way you deal damage and return to safe.

If you can’t do the basic attack, just throw Q again, confirming safe damage. At this level two, in some confrontations you will get a kill window, don’t forget: W followed instantly by flash is a guarantee of hitting the skill and being in range to land attacks. Use this to your advantage.

Image of the post-rework Skarner War Machine skin
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)

From level 3/4, tilt your rival with the Korean Skarner technique

If your enemy has already tilted you from hitting him from meters away, and he comes at you, with your E already leveled up… I have great news: walk back. As soon as you reach this rock, exchange a basic attack, flash behind him and use E. Quick.

Korean Skarner Angle
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

With this you force him to take a shot from the tower, Flash/Ghost and probably get a kill. At level 6, you repeat the process with the R at the end of the E.

Advanced routing phase

Don’t forget: you make ganks a lot easier. If the enemy goes behind the tower, you pass through terrain with your E and still stun the wall. If the opponent farms with low health, pull him with R and apply more damage to get the kill.

You have a lot of base damage, use a lot of it. Whenever you are close to a wall, use E and get the stun, cancel skills like Gnar’s jump with E. And then apply your other skills.

Image of Skarner's REwork in League in 2024
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)


After the lane phase, surprise your opponents by walking between walls and getting easy kills, be a frontline and always be able to take advantage of your E to reach the more fragile opponents with R.

Skarner is a good engage, but it’s even better as a second initiation option, allowing you to be more creative. Check out more tips in the video below:


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