Riot will make a series of changes to its MMR system throughout 2024, the aim of which is to improve the “real rating” of players and even fight against the creation of smurf accounts.

The information was given by rioter Iksar. He revealed that, for now, Riot will switch to its own system, but by the end of the year it wants to migrate to the Trueskill 2 system, which it considers very promising.

Initial changes to rankings

At the start of Season 2024, scheduled for January 10th, Rioter promised some changes so that everyone falls into their deserved ranks.

Furthermore, the changes seek to avoid the famous “negative PDL”, which is when you lose a greater amount of PDL than you gain.

Trueskill 2 system relies on individual statistics to calculate MMR

Although Riot has not yet given details about the tests it is carrying out with Trueskill 2, there are scientific articles that show the basis of how it works.

The system is based on individual statistics to classify players, which can be counts of kills, deaths, wins, losses, accumulated gold, vision and other data.

Furthermore, it seems that the new system will also help Riot combat smurf accounts, due to its precision in placing players directly on their “real links”, so that they will not play multiple matches with people with higher links. lows.

Ideally, there is no reason to create a new account to get to your ‘real’ ranking and if you create a new account on smurf — we can detect this and get you into accurate rankings so quickly that creating smurf accounts will seem like a lot of work for little. amount of games you will actually stomp other players.

More details about the changes should be revealed in the future.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)
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