Considered the greatest player in League of Legends history, Faker He has changed his habits a lot in recent years and has become an avid reader. On stream, the player mentioned several books he had read and made some comments about each of them.

The translation of Faker’s stream was done by journalist Ashley Kang, who also put together a list of books and comments made by the player. Suggestions include fiction, psychology, neuroscience, history, self-help and others.

Books recommended by Faker

The New Cosmos – David Eicher

  • Comment: “I would recommend it to someone who likes astronomy or wants to get into this field.”
  • Difficulty level: 4

1Q84 – Haruki Murakami

  • Comment: “The first book I read. I would say it is a book that reflects Haruki Murakami’s writing style.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

The Real Happy Pill: Power Up Your Brain by Moving Your Body – Anders Hansen

  • Comment: “An accessible explanation and guide to the positive effects that physical exercise has on the brain.”
  • Difficulty level: 1.5

A Theory of Fun for Game Design – Raph Koster

  • Comment: “It gives a holistic overview of what games people liked and why they liked it. Would recommend to game developers.”
  • Difficulty level: 2.5

Memory Man Novel – David Baldacci

  • Comment: “It’s American fiction. My memory is a little hazy. I was impressed by the conflicts between the main characters.”
  • Difficulty level: 1.5

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

  • Comment: “It’s a classic, but classics are classics for a reason. It’s a story about the importance of our thoughts and ideologies.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

The Power of Mathematical Thinking: The Science of How Not to Be Wrong – Jordan Ellenberg

  • Comment: “It is a book that describes our behavior from a mathematical perspective, using Probability Theory.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

The Mind is Flat – Nick Chater

  • Comment: “I stopped reading halfway through. It was difficult to understand the explanations, and the tone of the book seemed to be trying to convince the reader rather than make them think and understand.”
  • Difficulty level: 4

The Camphor Keeper – Keigo Higashino

  • Comment: “It’s a comforting book. It’s an easy read. Probably good to pick up over the holiday season.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

Collected Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer – Arthur Schopenhauer

  • Comment: “It was a great dive into the perceptions of Arthur Schopenhauer. Some of his approaches may be wrong with more modern ideologies, but it was a glimpse into Schopenhauer’s insight as an individual. Warning that it contains ideologies that do not align with more modern morals.”
  • Difficulty level: 1.5

No Second Earth – Tyler Rasch

  • Comment: “A book about the connection between nature and humanity, let’s protect the Earth.”
  • Difficulty level: 1.5

The Murder in Mansion Hakuba – Keigo Higashino

  • Comment: “A detective novel. It’s an easy read.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

  • Comment: “It’s a self-help book, it gives you motivation, it makes you realize the importance of mornings.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

Laplace’s Witch – Keigo Higashino

  • Comment: “A good introduction to Keigo’s works. A mysterious detective novel. It’s fun.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

The Martian – Andy Weir

  • Comment: “The original book of the movie ‘The Martian’. Would recommend if you are a space nerd or like Mars. It’s a detective novel, but very scientific.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

What Every Body Says – Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins

  • Comment: “It helps you roughly deduce what a person is thinking based on their behavior. It’s a good book for a quick read. Warning — You should never generalize.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

Masquerade Hotel – Keigo Higashino

  • Comment: “It is a Serie. It’s a Japanese detective book. It’s an easy read.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

Norwegian Wood – Haruki Murakami

  • Comment: “An emblematic book by Haruki Murakami. Among all the abstract, the book reminds the reader of the importance of the people around them…?”
  • Difficulty level: 1.5

Sapiens: a brief history of humanity – Yuval Harari

  • Comment: “I recommend this book for people interested in humans, as it is an evolutionary view of humans. I also recommend this book for people interested in history. Personally, I generally recommend this book as a must-read.”
  • Difficulty level: 2.5

Factfulness: the liberating habit of only having opinions based on facts – Hans Rosling

Factfulness – Hans Rosling

  • Comment: “A book that tells why we misconceive the world and what the real state of the world is.”
  • Difficulty level: 2.5

Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreaming – Matthew Walker

  • Comment: “A book written by a neuroscientist and sleep expert that addresses sleep through modern science based on scientific facts and case studies. Reminds the reader of the importance of sleep. I highly recommend it.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

The Upward Spiral – Korb PhD, Alex

  • Comment: “Explains depressions and anxiety and the reasons behind them through neuroscience. It works even if you’re not depressed.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

Silent Spring – Rachel Carson

  • Comment: “It was (almost) the first book to draw attention to the environmental damage caused by pesticides. It was a historic book because it highlighted the dangers of pesticides. The book tells the importance of protecting nature.”
  • Difficulty level: 3.5

The Miracles of the Namiya General Store – Keigo Higashino

  • Comment: “It’s a book that warms your heart, makes you feel like you’ve just exchanged letters with a friend.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

Insta brain – Anders Hansen

  • Comment: “A book about focus, details the harmfulness of social networks and smartphones from the point of view of neuroscience. It allows modern individuals to reflect on the way they are living. I recommend.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

The subtle art of turning off each other – Mark Manson

  • Comment: “A self-help book. It gives motivation.”
  • Difficulty level: 1

The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins

  • Comment: “A historic classic. Dissects the birth of countless species from scientific and genetic perspectives. A look from genetic science at the behavior of species.”
  • Difficulty level: 3.5

Stolen Focus: The Attention Thieves of Modern Life – Johann Hari

  • Comment: “The author’s first-person experience of a digital detox. It allows the reader to see the issue of lack of focus not as an individual problem, but as a social problem. A critical look at modern society.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

Think like a monk – Jay Shetty

  • Comment: “It sounds like a self-help book, but it actually contains the wisdom of life.”
  • Difficulty level: 2

Despite not winning the LCK in 2023, Faker had a wonderful year, as he managed to win his fourth world title seven years after winning his third. He established himself as the best in history and won several esports athlete of the year awards.

(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 26, 2023


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