O patch 14.8 do LoLalso known as patch MSIarrived with buffs for 16 different champions. A community showed up concerned with the amount of buffs in the patch for champions that weren’t weak.

Community shows concern about patch 14.8 with so many buffs

According to a publication by Redditwhere a player who says he follows competitive LoL shows that giving more strength to champions who were already strong seems worrying, check out the argument:

Let’s take a look at each buffed champion and tell you what their tier is (speaking of competitive):

Akali is in tier A or A-. You can see playing, she has some difficulties against her counters (Taliyah / Ahri / Tank Azir / Neeko are meta), but she still manages to do well.

Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games

Draven is a tier S champion in both Ranked and competitive. Yes, some teams can’t play with him, but the teams that know how to use him are freakishly strong. I can’t understand why he was buffed.

skins de natal - Draven Noel
Image: Disclosure/Riot Games

Hwei is a tier A champion. He has a bizarre array of skills, playing calmly and safely. He also didn’t understand the buff.

Image of the Hwei Blessing of Winter skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

J4: As it is a champion that depends a lot on its composition and the rival composition, I would say it is tier B+/A-. So it is meta dependent.

Jarvan IV Samsung galaxy skin image
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Kai’sa: she may not be that strong, but she’s not weak in the competition. She’s no longer that traditional ADC with critical, but she has a bizarre scale. She’s nothing more than a B+, in my opinion, but she always finds a way to be good among the ADC’s.

Image of the Kai'sa Celestial Scales skin in LoL
(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Olaf: Probably a tier S champion as a counter pick. Choosing Olaf in the blind is certainly not ideal, but the champion is strong competitively and can be a great counter in drafts. Why more buffs?

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Sylas has the same story as Akali. He’s probably better and could also be an S tier pick as a counter. For me it is still very viable.

Sylas new lol champion
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Viego always appears when junglers are banned. He’s not a god tier champion, but he’s not weak and that means he can perform very well if picked in the right scenario. Considering his playstyle of taking a lot of risks to get good rewards, I see no reason to buff him above other junglers.

Image of the Viego Rei skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Yone and Gwen: These live strange cases. They are certainly not good blind picks, but there are certainly good drafts to become viable. They are the type of champion that will always work in the hands of a professional who is very specialized: If your team has Zeus, Zeka, Chovy or BrokenBlade, you expect to see Yone – just like if you have Bin, it’s no surprise that Gwen appears.

Image of the HEARTSTEEL Yone PREstigio skin in League, scheduled for patch 13.22
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Do you agree with the player? I believe it was exaggerated at some times, but at others it makes a lot of sense!

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-comunidade-mostra-preocupacao-com-patch-14-8-com-tantos-buffs

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