Former professional player Bwipo, now content creator at Team Liquid, criticized professional League of Legends players for being toxic in ranked matches against casual players.

Bwipo calls toxic professional players “immature and ungrateful”

In his statement, he calls professionals who are toxic in ranked queues “immature”. According to Bwipo, casual players are just there to have fun, and it is a “privilege” that even so, many are still high level at soloQ.

The professional also highlighted that, without casual players, there would be no market for professional players to be paid to play at the highest level. Bwipo’s statement gained prominence in the community, reaching the top of Reddit.

It’s a really fucked up privilege to have people who are worse than you in this game, who are still really interested in playing at a high level, right? We can agree on this as a concept. So when you take the trouble to argue with ordinary people who play this game for fun and criticize them for being bad at this video game, being a professional gamer, I think you are a child. I think you’re immature as hell and very ungrateful

Several professional players around the world have already been punished for being toxic on soloQ. In Brazil, famous names like Tockers and Ranger have already received punishments from Riot for not behaving as expected from a soloQ professional.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 12, 2023edited a day ago


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