Greatest player in the history of CBLOL, brTT ventured into the world of music and also boxing after taking a break from his career as a professional player. This Saturday (26), at Fight Music Showhe played his first official fight and it ended in a draw.

brTT’s fight was against the rapper Yet, a very famous name among the hip hop scene. In six disputed rounds, the judges decided on a draw. After the fight, Nog spoke a little more about the match and praised brTT.

This kid surprised me, only those who are here know what’s going on. Maximum respect. For those who think that those who play video games don’t have to leave the house and dedicate themselves, here’s an example in front of you

Before they face each other in the ring, the former professional LoL player has already been with the rapper. In 2019, brTT participated together with micaO from the clip Brother DQbrada!, music from Costa Gold as Sharksin which Nog took part as a singer.

The Fight Music Show event also featured fights by other personalities such as Mc Livinho e popo.

brTT no League of Legends

After a successful LoL career and six Brazilian titles, brTT has announced a break from the player position. This year, Fluxo officially hired the influencer brTT as the organization’s new ambassador for the League of Legends modality.

brTT was hired a few months after his departure from paiN Gaming and the announcement of a career break, although he continued in the organization as a content creator.

Luis Santana
published in August 27, 2023edited a day ago


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