Brazilian executives at Logitech G are trying to bring the Logitech G Cloud, a portable console that runs games in the cloud, to the country. Launched in October last year in markets such as the United States, there is still no guarantee that the product will arrive here.

“We are fighting to bring as many products as possible to Brazil. The country has a certain complexity and requires some different certifications from other markets and that is why they end up having some delays”, explained Jairo Rozenblit, CEO of Logitech Brasil, in an exclusive interview with Voxel.

He commented that as the work is still in the planning phase, there is no date or forecast for the console’s arrival. Despite this, he makes a point of highlighting that bringing the laptop here is “a desire”.

Ricardo Filó, head of marketing at Logitech Brasil, added that commercial feasibility studies are being carried out. In addition to the price that the local market could pay, these studies are evaluating the internet infrastructure (since the Logitech G Cloud only runs cloud games), for example.

“The studies are important because the consumer may have a bad experience that would not even be the fault of the product, but rather because of the streaming network. So we need to evaluate the entire ecosystem before preparing the launch in Brazil”, stated Filó.

Rivais do Logitech G Cloud

The market for portable consoles from large companies has grown exponentially in recent years. Of course, the main product available is the Nintendo Switch, but it has faced competition from devices such as Steam Deck, ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go.

Even with different proposals, the products end up competing for the same niche. This issue also ends up being included in the evaluation when launching a product.

“We always look at the market, for sure. We check competitors, understand which products are being made available on the market, etc. But I think our main decision point is the consumer experience. Understanding whether people will have a good experience is what defines whether we will launch a product or not”, concluded Jairo Rozenblit.


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