Logitech G, a Swiss brand of peripherals focused on gamers, was present at Gamescom Latam in São Paulo, with a booth measuring approximately 120m² in an attempt to further strengthen its relationship with the Brazilian public. From July 26 to 30, the space featured not only a store with the brand’s new products for purchase and testing, but also activations with influencers and esports teams.

On that occasion, the Voxel had the opportunity to talk to Ricardo Filóhead of marketing at Logitech Brazil, to understand more about the importance of the Brazilian market in the company’s strategies; how its pricing policies are adopted; and of course, the launch forecast for some of its most anticipated products — such as the console Logitech G Cloudwhich remains without a forecast.

The Brazilian post-pandemic market

A very relevant piece of information brought by Ricardo Filó was that the Brazilian market, among all those in which Logitech operates, was one of the only ones that continued to grow after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Many Logitech markets experienced very high growth during the pandemic, but began to decline, which was expected,” explains the executive. “Brazil, on the other hand, grew during the pandemic and continued to grow post-pandemic, showing the opportunity we have here in Brazil to the point of attracting the attention of global management. Logitech is the market leader in Brazil, both in the office and gaming lines, but there is still a lot of room for growth.”

It is worth remembering that Logitech G has a reputation for having expensive products. When asked about the brand’s intentions to make its peripherals more accessible to people with little purchasing power, Ricardo Filó made it clear that the brand is always studying ways to reduce its prices and reach new audiences.

“We do try to bring products to all audiences and tastes, but Logitech obviously values ​​quality and embedded technology. There is a possibility that we won’t be able to truly reach all audiences with such entry-level products because the idea is for them to have current technology to add value,” explains Ricardo.

“But we are always studying ways to reduce prices, establish a presence in other regions, to reach new audiences that are looking for quality products and the technology we can offer,” he added.

Is Logitech G Cloud still coming to Brazil?

On the last occasion when the Voxel had the opportunity to talk to Logitech, the brand was still looking for ways to bring its console, the Logitech G Cloudto the national market. After almost two years since its launch in the United States, It is still quite uncertain whether the device will grace us here.

According to Ricardo, the main obstacles involve technology and pricing strategy, since this is a product with a very high added value. “This year, we are expanding its availability to other regions, but Brazil has not yet been approved to launch the product,” he said.

“We feel that the Brazilian market is not yet well prepared for us to bring the product and for the consumer to have a good experience. I would really like it to be here too and we are fighting to make that happen,” he assured.

Simultaneous product launch in Brazil

The company also assured that it always seeks to bring its launches almost simultaneously to Brazil. Although this may seem like a distant reality, the head of marketing assured that the G515 wireless keyboard will arrive soon and explained that the reason behind these delays is more bureaucratic.

“It’s more a question of certification from Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), which is required for these wireless products, and authorization to import and sell this product locally, than availability of the Logitech factory,” he explained.

Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Still, Logitech’s intention is to make the most complete line of products possible available to Brazilian consumers, especially those who are in other regions and have not yet arrived here. “We have already achieved some things, others are yet to arrive. We will continue trying,” he said.

Logitech and its presence in eSports

Finally, Ricardo Filó also brought the information that About 60% of professional gamers use Logitech mice to play professionallyleaving the brand with its products well-positioned and recognized in this scenario.

Although it directly sponsors the Red Canids and Legacy teams, the brand seeks to partner with other teams, equally as large, and even those that are just starting out with the purpose of belonging to the ecosystem as a whole. Therefore, the company has no intention of launching its own teamas he does not want to harm his relationship with other teams and players.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/286481-logitech-g-cloud-brasil-marca-fala-lancamentos-precos-gamescom.htm

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