This Thursday (25/01), at LLA 2024, the All Knights won the Six Karma by 2×0 and those who caught attention in the victory were the Brazilians from the All Knights, such as Wheat e Hidan.

The pair debuted with defeat, but brought the result in the second series. Check the numbers:

Brazilians in focus

The All Knights won 2-0, with Hidan as the MVP of the decisive game, who executed 9 K’Sante kills and led in damage, gold and kills.

And Trigo also attracted attention, but in the post-game with the interview for Lau Agnolin, by LLA Riot. The shooter took a good risk on the Spaniard, even with the Lau being Brazilian. Check out the interview:

Next confrontation

Trigo and Hidan return to Summoner’s Rift at LLA 2024 to face Estral E-sports, who are the current runners-up in the competition.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot LLA
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 26, 2024edited 3 days ago


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