This Saturday (10/02) the clashes in the lower bracket of the LEC 2024. O More Esports tell you about this matter all clashes from the lower bracket, upper bracket and what the fan can expect!

Lower-bracket clashes

Team Heretics (7º) x SK Gaming (3º)

The LEC 2024 playoff weekend begins at 1 p.m., and kicks off with the clash between Team Hereticsby Peter Dun and Jankos, against SK Gaming de Nisqy, ex-Mad Lions!

Both teams did not win a game in their series, losing to BDS e Team Vitality. However, picks malucos appeared as the Lucian Mid do Nisqy (SK) and the Ezreal Mid do Perkz (TH), will there be an ADC battle in the Mid?

Photo: Reproduction/LEC

GiantX (8º) x Mad Lions Koi (4º)

Then, at around 4pm, fans will see the duel between GiantXeighth place in the regular season, against Mad Lions Koithird place.

A GiantX had defeat faster of the LEC 2024 playoffs, falling to G2 em 22 minutes e 30 seconds. On the other hand, the Mad Lions Koi was part of longest playoff match of 2024and was defeated by FNATIC em 48 minutes and 22 seconds.

Neither team won a single game in their respective series.

Upper Bracket Showdown

On Sunday (11/02), at 1pm, the G2 who won the FNATIC e Giant X faces BDS who defeated the Team Vitality e Team Heretics. The confrontation will be between the leader of the regular phase G2 against the vice-leader BDS, but both differ by tiebreaker criteria, as both had the same number of victories.

Who will take it?

In the photo, the symbol and a G2 draft in the LEC 2024 playoffs
Photo: Reproduction/LEC

Lower key definition

Vitality e FNATIC Friday’s winners await to decide the semifinals of the lower bracket. The winner between Team Heretics e SK Gaming will face FNATICwhile the winner of Mad Lions Koi e GiantX faces Vitality – thus ensuring that the majority of teams face each other!

In the photo, FNATIC fans at the LEC 2024 playoffs
Photo: Reproduction/LEC

Who will remain in the competition? To find out, just follow the complete coverage of LEC 2024 1° split with game calendar, results, table, statistics and other information here on More Esports!

Sergio Fiorini
published in February 9, 2024


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