One of the most traditional North American organizations, the TSM will not be present at LCS 2024. The team confirmed the sale of the position to Shopify Rebellion and is leaving the league.

Months ago, TSM had already informed the community and its fans that it would be changing regions. So far, there is no information on which region the organization will return to operate in the sport. Recently, Nynjas in Pijamas, from Europe, acquired a spot in the LPL.

The sales movement takes place in a phase of economic crisis in the North American LoL scene. Besides the TSMa CLGanother traditional team in the ecosystem, sold its place to NRG, which was champion of the LCS 2023 2nd Split.

Journalist Kellen Browning, from The New York Times, reported that the organization paid US$10 million for the position. This, in fact, is the same amount that the teams paid to enter the franchises in 2018. In other words, TSM only “recovered” the investment.

Shopify Rebellion na LCS

New to LoL, the organization already participates in the Riot Games ecosystem, with an inclusive and mixed VALORANT team. Furthermore, Shopify Rebellion is also present in the StarCraft II, DotA 2, Halo and Rocket League scenarios.

At this time, the organization will continue with the same players who defended TSM’s colors last season.

LCS experienced crisis at the beginning of the 2nd Split

Even before the second stage began, amidst the changes promoted by Riot Games, the North American Players Association (LCSPA) opted for a strike that postponed the start of the championship. Check out the timeline of events below:

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(Image: Disclosure/TSM)
Luis Santana
published in September 20, 2023edited 10 hours ago


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