A T1 Academy started on a bad note LCK Academy 2024 (Challengers), no entanto, Rekkles was being cleared on social media. This Monday, Rekkles and T1 Academy won their first victoryin the series against DRX, the current champion of the competition.

T1 wins and Rekkles is MVP

In T1 Academy’s 2-1 victory over DRX, Rekkles won the MVP of the decisive game, but that doesn’t mean the player did poorly in the other matches. In the first match, Rekkles didn’t die once and still gave 10 assists in the 14 kills in T1.

T1 Rekkles de Milio/Image/Reproduction: GolGG

In the second game, Rekkles had a more complex performance, but the Support only did not participate in 2 kills. And what specific composition of T1, huh? Check out:

T1 Academy improvises in composition, loses second game, but still a good performance from T1 Rekkles
T1 Rekkles de Varus/Image/Reproduction: GolGG

And to top it off, and finally have 100% kill participation, Rekkles is crowned Janna’s MVP.

T1 Rekkles talks about adaptation

In the post-game interview, Rekkles talked about his adaptation at T1. Check the player’s response.

To be honest, I really liked it here (Korea), I feel that playing with Smash (ADC) gives me a lot of confidence, because when I came here, I knew it was going to be very difficult. Adapting to the Korean language and culture, especially with my teammates. However, the fact that Smash runs the entire lane well helps a lot – I know we will still connect perfectly as a team – but for now, having a strong bot lane gives a lot of confidence and makes the team gear up.

The player said, and also said he works hard in Korean classes and hopes that by the end of the year he will be fluent in the language.

T1 Rekkles after winning MVP and winning first series at Academy
(Image: Disclosure/Kenzi/Daily Esports)

Rekkles giving gaps in memes

For those who don’t know, Janna from Rekkles was the target of many memes in the player’s career and now in her support phase the European community insisted on the joke even more. Rekkles chose the champion in a FNATIC match against Misfits, where the player tried a damage version of the champion, and it didn’t work.

Rekkles, at the time of FNATIC, playing Janna
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Next confrontation

T1 Academy and Rekkles play again this Thursday (01/02) against KT Challengers, a team that has one game less and one defeat less than T1 (1-3). The game will be at 2 am.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lck-academy-2024-t1-academy-vence-a-primeira-serie-e-rekkles-e-mvp

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