A T1 Academy (Challengers) is not doing well LCK Challengers 2024 and to date has not won any series. Rekkles’ debut sent the tournament’s ratings through the roof, but fans are still eagerly awaiting the team’s first victory in the tournament.

In the midst of the team’s bad phase, Both the Western and Korean communities have defended Rekkles, which shows good performances during games. The situation became a discussion in international forums.

Korean community defends Rekkles

The beginning of the debate, here in the West, occurred through Reddit. A user translated several Korean messages for Rekkles, check out the lines:

Seeing Hanwha (Life) ban 4 supports in the third game really showed how much T1’s top side is struggling

Bans from the HLE Challengers x T1 Challengers series/Image: Reproduction/GOLGG

And the comments in defense in the Korean community don’t stop there:

Up, Rekkles… That’s all I can say.

With a heart-wrenching Top gap, such a dull Jungle, and an ADC who doesn’t seem to have any idea how to position himself. Especially the Top, even with Jax in the first game against Hanwha, was so bad that it makes me question if they are real players

I feel bad for Rekkles.

(Rekkles) He came to learn how to be a support person and ended up having to teach, and he can’t even take it hard because they’re just kids.

Let’s use Rekkles as a sixth player for MSI or Worlds. We should also put him through a series of training sessions with Keria. Let’s help Rekkles find glory.

Western community reactions

Based on these comments, some Western fans commented on their opinions about Rekkles, their phase and the T1 Academy phase itself. Connect:

If I didn’t know who the foreigner was on this team, and I had to guess who it was just by watching the teamfights, I would never guess that it was Rekkles

I feel when he plays Senna, he reminds me so much of old Rekkles

Brother, Rekkles could literally be the best player in T1. Yesterday he suffered 4 Targets Bans

A fan complements this last comment:

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lck-academy-2024-t1-academy-vive-ma-fase-e-comunidade-defende-rekkles

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