Today saw the premiere of LCK Academy 2024 (LCK Challengers), and it was also Rekkles’ first match on the South Korean team T1. The player who became one of the biggest names in LoL as an ADC, had his first professional support match.

Rekkles draws attention in the first game

Playing from Senna, champion that the player already owned 28 games and an average of 70%+ wins, Rekkles stood out and brought the first victory for T1 over Basket Freecs. The support was the highlight of the match:

Second and third game shy

As expected, the process of role swap (changing roles) would take time. In his matches with Rakan and Rell, Rekkles showed that he was unable to perform 100% of his role, even though he had good numbers. Check out the frags:

Rakan’s Rekkles/Reproduction/LCK
In the photo you can see frags from the third match between T1 x KDF at the LCK Academy
Rell Rekkles/Reproduction/LCK

The match ended up 2-1 for Kwangdong Freecs, but it is worth noting that the competition has just begun, so Rekkles and T1 Academy themselves still have a good amount of time to improve and show more consistent series.

Rekkles’ next game with T1 Academy is against Dplus Kia Academyon day 1January 9th at 2am.

Community reaction

Of course, when involving the player with most kills in history of the LEC, with an appearance in the finals of the world championship and several titles, the world of LoL would be watching. Check out some of the community’s reactions:

Rekkles left his kill for the ADC because he knows how it feels, and he was also the first Westerner to receive a “thumbs up” from a Korean ally, on his Korean team, in Korea. The World Cup is won.

LCK Academy sold out all tickets for the first time, but…

This must be the funniest image in the world, where Rekkles, at “45 years old”, is at t1 Academy, it’s surreal

Image of Rekkles debuting at T1 Academy
(Image: Disclosure/Kenzi/Daily Esports)


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