A T1 will maintain the line-up that was world champion in 2023 for the next LCK season. This Thursday (23) the team announced the renewal of Zeus, Gumayusi, Keria and the coach Tom.

The three players had contracts that expire in November. Already Faker has a contract until November 2025while Oner has a contract until November 2024.

(Image: Disclosure/riot Games)

T1 also hired KkOma

In addition to renewing all players and the coach, it is worth mentioning that T1 also signed coach KkOma, who won the first three world titles with the organization.

Current T1 line-up

The current T1 line-up has been together since 2022 and together they have won an LCK and a Worlds. Another interesting point is that they reached the final of all the LCKs they have played since then, in addition to the final of MSI 2022 and Worlds 2022.

T1 team for LCK 2024:

  • Zeus – Top
  • Oner – Jungle
  • Faker – Mid
  • Gumayusi – ADC
  • Dig it up – Support
  • Tom e KkOma- Coaches

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Image of the Worlds 2023 champion T1
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 23, 2023

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