Already LCK 2024the machine of incredible feats – T1 Excavation – achieves yet another surreal statistical achievement! A mark like this needs to be recorded in the history of LoL.

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Keria with absurd average damage

When it comes to average damage, those who perform lowest in this number will always be Supports, for obvious reasons. However, the logic does not affect Keria, which has an average of 10.800 of damage – and this number becomes surreal when compared to other supports. Check out the list:

  • Dig it up (T1): 10,800
  • BeryL (KT): 8.000
  • Share (KDF): 7.850
  • Kellin (DK): 6.700
  • Pleased (DRX): 5.900
  • Execute (FOX): 5.300
  • Effort (BRO): 5.165
  • Delight (PLEASE): 5,100
  • Lehends (GEN): 4.400
  • Peter (NS): 4.400

What if I tell you that there is more bizarreness in this feat?

Support is you! Keria has more average damage than LCK junglers!

In the photo, the support of T1, Keria
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong: Keria does more damage than all the LCK junglers. T1 Support’s impressive 10,800 damage outperforms these jungle players, check it out:

  • Cuzz (KDF): 10.300
  • Willer (FOX): 10.200
  • Pyosik (KT): 9.800
  • Sylvie (NS): 9.100
  • Sponge (DRX): 8.100
  • Oner (T1): 8,100
  • Gideon (BRO): 8.000
  • Peanut (PLEASE): 7,700
  • Lucid (DK): 6.900

T1 Keria, the support least support

Of course the numbers aren’t surreal for no reason, a guy who is capable of playing Ezreal Support would of course have different numbers! Check out the champions that Keria has played in this split, and their winning percentages:

In the photo, the T1 Keria pool champions
Is the pool of champions vast? (Image: Reproduction/GolGG)

Follow Keria’s T1

Faker and Keria’s T1 remains at the top of the competition, and so you don’t miss any information about this team, just follow the complete coverage of LCK 2024 with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports!

Image of Faker and Keria at Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Sergio Fiorini
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