This Friday (26/01), the one who “Fridayed” in style at LCK 2024 was Faker it’s at T1 after beating KT by 2×1 in the rivalry known as Telecom Wars (War of the Telecons, in a free translation). And of course, the protagonist once again was him, the GOAT, and this time from Corki.

Faker makes an absurd move on the dragon

The phrase “Faker makes an absurd play” may seem like a redundancy, something obvious, but it was impressive. So surreal that even streamer Caedrel couldn’t believe it, check it out:

For those who didn’t understand: Pyosik (rival Jungler) uses his smite too early and leaves the Dragon with very low health, and then Faker instantly, and the range of the skill is in a cone and hits the Dragon even though he isn’t looking directly at the goal.

Faker makes ANOTHER absurd move

Well, it was GOAT’s Corki’s day to shine. Another bizarre move by Faker had nothing so mechanical, but it had surreal damage. Check out:

And Faker’s performance can be well summarized by comments on Reddit:

Faker is genuinely the best Corki I’ve ever seen, and I think he’s his best champion by far. I’ve never seen anyone use passive in a better way.

And another fan adds:

Corki’s package is the same as Azir’s ult, honestly. An ability to take opponents out of position with damage and you need to go up, so it’s risky, but it’s very worth it if you do it right. And Faker has the best “vision” for these plays, he just finds the angles constantly and no one can wait for the play.

Why is Faker’s Corki so good?

This was a question that Faker had to answer post-game, about his performance and the player didn’t answer:

“You know, the skin I chose to play Corki is very powerful. [Minha skin de Corki] It’s unstoppable.”

And his Corki skin was…

Image/Reproduction: Riot Games

And if you want numbers to understand the story of Corki and Faker, the More Esports contextualizes you about.

Corky and Faker

Check out this list of champions that Faker played the most and some numbers:

In the photo, Faker's numbers on Leaguepedia
Image/Reproduction: Leaguepedia

As you can see from the list, Corki is the seventh most played character in the GOAT, what is surprising is that out of 50 games, Faker won 38 matches. It’s hard to compare numbers with Mr. League of Legends!

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