Faker, considered the greatest LoL player of all time, he broke another record in his career. He was the first player to reach 600 wins in the LCKthe South Korean League of Legends league.

The achievement came during the series between T1 e DRX at LCK 2024, and on that occasion, Faker’s team won 2-0. See the statistics:

Faker reaches 600 LCK wins

As the list of the most successful players in the LCK shows, Faker is in the isolated lead and it may take years for a player to pass him, considering that Deft, in second place, has 442 victories and is at the end of his career.

See the 15 players who won the most in the league:

(Image: Disclosure/LCK)

Faker has been active since 2013, his debut year competitively and in the LCK. The player already has more than 10 regional titles and, at the end of 2023, won his fourth world championship, further reinforcing his position as the best player in the world.

T1 LCK 2024

A T1 continues well in the Korean league and has only had one defeat so far, occupying the second place in the table. Check out the complete coverage of LCK 2024 with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports!

Faker player from T1
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
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