This Thursday (24) the KT Rolster won the Hanwha Life in the first round of the regional final of the LCK 2023 2° splita mini-tournament that defines the last two representatives of the region in the Worlds 2023, the world of LoL.

With the result, KT not only secured the third place in the league, but also marked the end of a Fasting for 5 years without qualifying for the LoL World Cup.

Last time KT Rolster played Worlds of LoL

The last time KT Rolster played Worlds 2023 was in 2018. At the time, the team had big medallions in its line-up, such as Smeb, Score, Deft e Women. Of those, only Deft is still in business.

That year KT was eliminated in the quarterfinals after losing to Invictus Gaming by 3-2. In the series, there was a Base Race move that was marked in LoL history:

KT Rolster vs Hanwha Life – LCK 2023

The first game of the series took 31 minutes, but only had 10 total kills. KT Rolster started out winning, with a show from Aiming and his Kai’sa, which ended 5/0/2.

The second match was faster and again they let Aiming’s Kai’sa pass. The player finished 5/4/7 and led his team to 2-0 in the series.

Hanwha Life reacted in the third game and Zeka put on an Azir show. In 25 minutes, the team secured the GG and remained alive in the series.

The fourth game was the most disputed of all. With 33 minutes of duration and a total of 25 kills, KT won and secured the GG. Aiming played Ezreal and finished 5/1/5, while Bdd finished 4/2/10 from Azir. Below, check out the stats between KT Rolster and Hanwha Life:

LCK 2023 still has a spot in Worlds 2023

With KT Rolster ranking, now there is only one LCK spot left for Worlds 2023. The next match will be between Dplus Kia and DRX. Whoever wins advances to the final against Hanwha Life, qualifying for the LoL world championship.

The matches take place on the 25th and 26th, respectively. See the list of all teams qualified for Worlds 2023 so far.

Also check out our LCK 2023 2nd split coverage page with fixtures, results, standings and other information.

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