The player Clid was banned from competitive LoL and, consequently, from the LCK, following a sexual harassment scandal. Shortly afterwards, KesPa Cup increased his ban to 18 months and the Hanwha Life made it official that the player’s contract had been terminated.

The information was given by the South Korean website Naver, which stated that in contact with the organization, they were informed of the end of the relationship with the player shortly after his ban.

After LCK and KesPa suspended their qualifications, the contract was terminated internally. Currently, he is not (Clid) a member of the company

To date, Hanwha Life has not yet officially communicated the decision to the public. The last time the organization spoke about the case was on July 5, when it announced that it was investigating all the allegations. After Clid’s bans were announced, the organization did not comment on the case.

Fans protested against Clid

In one of the last rounds of the LCK 2023 2º Splitfans rented trucks with messages critical of the league for not taking action regarding the case that had just exploded on social media.

The player is banned not only from the region’s LCK and Challenger League, but also from all competitive leagues around the world.

Understand Clid’s case

Last week, several prints began to circulate on social media with conversations between Clid and two women. In the first case, the jungler would have sent sexual messages to the girl, even though she had not responded to them.

In the second situation, Clid would have flirted with a minor and expressed his desire to meet her in person several times, something that, to date, is known to have not happened.

(Image: Disclosure/LCK)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in September 22, 2023


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