Hideo Kojima is working on Death Stranding 2, with Norman Reedus once again in the lead role. However, it may be that The Walking Dead actor is not the only famous person to participate in the game: there is the chance of Keanu Reeves also being part of the cast of the game.

Last weekend, the legendary game creator posted some photos on his Instagram showing the two actors together. The images have already served for many to imagine that both would be together in the continuation of Death Stranding.

Check out the photos in question below:

Apparently, the two actors were riding a motorcycle through a mountainous region. It could just be a moment of relaxation for the trio, but also a trip for the production team of Death Stranding to analyze some terrain to be used in the continuation (the first photo, for example, shows two trailers in the background).

experienced actors

It is worth remembering that both Norman Reedus and Keanu Reeves are already experienced actors when it comes to games. While the former has already worked on the demo of P.T. and in the first Death Strandingthe second had his face scanned for content that we could see in Cyberpunk 2077.

So far, Kojima hasn’t dropped any additional hints about this joint appearance by the actors, or even if he himself was taking part in the trip. However, what would you think of seeing Keanu Reeves in Death Stranding 2? Share your opinion with other readers using our social networks.

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