When it comes to ensuring the best experience and performance during exciting gaming matches, having good peripherals, consoles and hardware is crucial.

However, one of the most frequent complaints among gamers is related to the high price of these items. Knowing this, Mercado Livre prepared good offers to guarantee the Upgrade your Setup Gamer with savings of up to 30% off, free shipping and full deliveries.

So, whether you’re looking for a new console, gaming keyboard or even a new graphics card, this could be your chance!

So, don’t waste time and check out, below, a curation with Featured offers on PlayStation, Nintendo, Logitech, Cosair, Pichau and more to enjoy on Mercado Livre:

  • Monitor Gamer Mancer Horizon 21.4”, 75hz por R$ 553.99
  • Nintendo Switch Oled Super Smash Bros Edition Console for R$ 2,189.90
  • Monitor gamer Mancer Horizon Z27 27”, 75hz por R$ 785.99
  • Placa de Video Mancer Gtx 1660, Gddr6 6GB por R$ 1,344.99
  • Pichau Nova Signature Obsidian Gamer Chair for R$ 1,549.99
  • Console Sony PlayStation 5, Standard Edition por R$ 3.748,90
  • Notebook Acer An515-57, 8GB e 512 GB SSD por R$ 4.649,00
  • Ultrawide 25.7” Gamer Monitor for R$773.91
  • Monitor Ultrawide LG 29wl500 29”, 75Hz por R$ 1.119,93
  • Monitor gamer AOC 24G2SE 23.8” por R$ 813,00
  • PlayStation 5 Slim Console, Digital Edition for R$ 3,639.90
  • Console Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing por R$ 1.329,30
  • Logitech Mx Keys S Wireless Keyboard for R$742.50
  • Mancer Radeon Rx 550 Video Card, Gddr5 4GB for R$ 484.99
  • Controle PlayStation DualSense por R$ 380,00
  • Console Nintendo Switch OLED, 64GB por R$ 2.099,88
  • Monitor Gamer Samsung T350 24”, 75Hz por R$ 639,00
  • Gamer Mancer Shade Mk2 Mechanical Keyboard for R$ 159.99
  • Monitor LG 24mp400 23.8”, 75hz por R$ 625,00
  • PC Gamer Mancer, Intel I5, Rx 550, 16GB RAM and 480GB SSD for $1,6

Offers are for a limited time. Visit the Mercado Livre website and enjoy the discounts!

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/281774-hora-upgrade-mercado-livre-console-controles-cadeira-gamer-com-30-desconto.htm

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