It’s no secret that Hideo Kojima is one of the most brilliant minds behind video games. The Japanese developer left a golden legacy for Konami with the franchise Metal Gear Solid and has left a lasting impression on millions of gamers around the world. Even some members of his former team have revealed that they still dream of working with the legendary game designer again.

This was said by Noriaki Okamura, current producer of the franchise. Metal Gear Solid at Konami. Asked in a broadcast this Friday (28) if there was any chance that the original team members would work on a new game in the saga, the developer replied: “it’s not up to me to answer that on behalf of someone outside the company, or to guess how they might feel about it.”

“But speaking for myself, personally, nothing would please me more than to work with Mr. Kojima and the rest of the team again. If that could happen, it would be a dream,” Okamura said. “But people have moved on to new things and new commitments, so this is just our current reality. We can’t just assume that everyone would come back to work with us. or they would let us become completely dependent on them.”

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was the last game in the franchise with Kojima’s involvement.Source: Konami

Despite the difficulty of this happening now, Okamura took responsibility for the current team to do their best to deliver a “good job”. “We are working with the expectation that whatever we do, it is up to us, it is on our shoulders to do a good job.”

Konami and Kojima’s relationship is complicated

The split between Kojima and Konami, which came to light in December 2015, was anything but amicable. It all started with an interview with IGN in March of that year, where the developer stated that Metal Gear V: The Phantom Pain would be the last game in the saga. “This will be the Metal Gear Solid end. Even if the franchise continues, this is the last one,” he said at the time.

Silent Hills was supposed to be Kojima's last major project at Konami, but the horror game never saw the light of day.Silent Hills was supposed to be Kojima’s last major project at Konami, but the horror game never saw the light of day.Source: Konami

A lot happened between March and December 2015. Kojima’s name was removed from the booklets and the official website of Metal Gear Solid Vhis podcast was canceled, and he was prevented by Konami itself from receiving the award for best action/adventure game for MGSV at The Game Awards 2015 — and so on.

In the end, the Kojima officially left Konami in December 2015.revealing shortly thereafter that he would continue to lead Kojima Productions, now independent and without ties to the publisher. In addition, he had a partnership with Sony to publish his first major game since then — yes, Death Stranding.

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