Developer Insomniac Games spoke out this Friday (22) about the leaks suffered by the company last week.

“We are saddened and angered by the recent criminal cyberattack on our studio and the emotional toll it has taken on our development team. In the last few days we have focused on supporting each other”, says an excerpt from the statement published on X (formerly Twitter).

Sony first-party said it is aware that the stolen data includes early details of the development of Marvel’s Wolverinewhich will be released for the PlayStation 5.

The brand stated that it is aware that personal data of employees and former employees was also captured and that it is still working to verify the scope of the attack.

Insomniac Games thanked fans for their support during this period, which has been “extremely distressing”. The company also left a message for fans.

“Like Logan… Insomniac is resilient. Marvel’s Wolverine continues as planned. The game is in early production and will undoubtedly evolve a lot throughout development,” he informed.

Biggest leak in history

The hacker attack against Insomniac Games was reported on Tuesday last week and is considered the largest in the industry’s history. The attack was a ransomware attack and affected employees’ personal data such as scanned passports and emails.

Furthermore, various data relating to the developer’s projects were published on the internet. In addition to several videos of initial builds of Marvel’s Wolverinedocuments showing the company’s launch schedule were made public.

Among the information are details that Marvel’s Wolverine was being planned to be released in 2026, a Venom game could arrive in 2025 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 could be released. The details leaked by the criminals even indicate the project for an X-Men game in 2030.


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