A Remedy Entertainment is on the rise due to the highly praised launch of Alan Wake II, a horror game that takes up the story of a writer trapped in a dark universe. However, the developer founded in 1995 in Helsinkithe capital of Finland, already has a history of other successful titles, with experiments in genres such as action and science fiction.

Below, learn a little more about each of them to replay or discover the titles and celebrate the trajectory of this studio.

All games ever released by Remedy

Death Rally (1996)

Death Rally was Remedy’s first titleputting you in the shoes of a rally driver on winding tracks with armed combat.

Death Rally.Source: Remedy

With a similar perspective to the classic Rock ‘n Roll Racingthe game began to be developed under the name HiSpeed and was originally released for MS-DOS, years later getting a Windows version.

This was also the first script collaboration for a name that would become a hallmark of the company: Sam Lakea university student in Helsinki and future creative director of the company, was responsible for the dialogues between the corridors.

Max Payne (2001)

Completely changing genres, Remedy chose to launch a third-person shooter title with a noir style and intense action scenes, as well as slow motion effects and bullet-time — extremely popular in the West after the film Matrix1999.

Max Payne.Max Payne.Source: Remedy

The protagonist is a former police officer seeking revenge who allies himself with dangerous figures in New York and discovers a new drug circulating on the streets.

Max Payne It was highly praised and became a modern classic for several reasons, from the comic book-style transition screens to the gunfights. Sam Lake is now fully involved in the project, serving as both the writer and Max’s face model.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2003)

Following the previous one, the second Max Payne further increases the dramatic and action load, in addition to having an improved engine. The story takes place two years after the events of the previous game and presents more details about the characters Mona Sax e Vladmir Lem.

Max Payne 2.Max Payne 2.Source: Remedy

Despite its success with players, the game’s sales were not considered satisfactory. That was the last Max Payne made by Remedy itself, as the third chapter of the franchise — which takes place in São Paulo — was handled by Rockstar.

Alan Wake (2010)

Alan Wake.Alan Wake.Source: Remedy

First project of a partnership between Remedy and Microsoft, Alan Wake chronicles the journey of a writer with creative block to a small town in search of inspiration — until he discovers that, in fact, that journey has a much more macabre destination.

The action of Max Payne here it is exchanged for narrative and a suspenseful atmosphere, with the game having direct influences from the writer’s works Stephen King and the series Twin Peaks. The title even has shootouts, but you can only shoot at supernatural enemies after using a flashlight to weaken them.

Death Rally Remake (2011)

Remedy made a remake of its first game in cooperation with the Cornfox & Brothers studio. The title was released for Android, iOS and PC, being one of the studio’s few mobile adventures.

Death Rally.Death Rally.Source: Remedy

In addition to modernized graphics and an online multiplayer mode, the game features characters from other franchises. Highly popular at launch and forgotten soon after, the title is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (2012)

American Nightmare.American Nightmare.Source: Remedy

Originally envisioned as an Alan Wake DLC, American Nightmare is a spin-off released separately and only in a digital version.

Using the same mechanics as the original game, this title has an arcade mode alongside the campaign, which focuses on the mysterious character Mr. Scratchwho has a very direct relationship with Alan.

Agents of Storm (2014)

Agents of Storm.Agents of Storm.Source: Remedy

The company’s second and final foray into mobile, Agents of Storm It is also a big deviation in the gameplay of the company’s titles. This is a game tower defensein which you need to use strategy and agility to assemble a fleet of marine vehicles and invade a fortress.

The free-to-play title was only released on iOS and has already been removed from Apple’s digital store, which means it is no longer possible to play it officially.

Quantum Break (2016)

Remedy bet on a new and bold idea with Quantum Break. Published by Microsoft, the project is a mix of game and series, with parts performed by real actors connecting the phases.

Released for Xbox One and PC, Quantum Break tells the story of a man who gains time manipulation powers after a scientific experiment and must discover what happened to prevent a catastrophe.

Quantum Break.Quantum Break.Source: Remedy

The title was praised for its graphics and gameplay, but received some criticism for certain parts of the game and the quality of the series’ moments. The star-studded cast includes Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from the first X-Men), Aidan Gillen (Littlefinger Game of Thrones) and the late Lance Reddick (John Wick, Fringe).

Control (2019)

Remedy’s most complex project to date, Control tells the story of Jesseabout to start work on Federal Control Departmenta secret sector of the government that studies supernatural phenomena.

Control.Control.Source: Remedy

However, the place itself is attacked by a hidden force that must be stopped by the protagonist at any cost. The title was highly praised for its graphics (including real-time ray-tracing) and gameplay.

Investigating mysterious phenomena also helps connect the studio’s franchises — the events of Alan Wake They were even the subject of a DLC for the game.

Alan Wake Remastered (2021)

Alan Wake Remastered.Alan Wake Remastered.Source: Remedy

A remaster of the first Alan Wake prepared the ground for the continuation, with modernized 4K graphics e several textures remade from scratchdespite preserving the original engine.

Licensed products whose contracts have ended have been removed, but the songs at the end of each chapter are still present.

Alan Wake II (2023)

The sequence of Alan Wake It was years in development and takes the franchise even deeper into psychological horror. In addition to the writer, trapped in a dark universe, you also control police officer Saga Anderson, who goes to Bright Falls to investigate a series of incidents.

Despite many compliments, Alan Wake II it was controversially received for being quite heavy and demanding in specifications even for modern PCs.

From now on, Remedy should focus on new projects such as remake of the first Max Paynea sequence of Control and two mysterious codenamed games Condor e Vanguardfocused on multiplayer.

The list also does not include CrossfireXthe single-player story campaign for Crossfire, which was made by the studio.

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