Rockstar did school with the franchise Grand Theft Auto and to this day it yields the most diverse inspirations in the video game market. The most recent venture influenced by the franchise, in fact, will be Unpunished — game in the best “Brazilian GTA” style set in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina.

The project of Brazilian studio 2nibble is currently in the process of raising funds for development — with a campaign available on Support yourself. The goal is to raise R$40,000 in 60 days.

At the time of publishing this text, 39 supporters are contributing R$3,442. In addition, there will be a private investment of R$10,000 — totaling a budget of R$50,000 for the production of Unpunished.

“We at the 2nibble team are creating ‘Unpunished‘, an independent open-world roleplay and sandbox game set in Brazil, with inspirations from GTA“, explains the description on the fundraising platform.

“Even though it may be called ‘GTA Brazilian’, he is more than just a GTAis a simulation of a real Brazilian world, but in a fictional way, where you have options to do what you want, whether legal or illegal, in a really non-linear way”, detailed the 2nibble studio.

Impunes Roadmap: what to expect from the “Brazilian GTA”?

The official fundraising page for the production of Unpunished no Support yourself also brings a roadmap detailed with all relevant information about the game. Check out what to expect from “GTA Brazilian”:

  • Map — Beach region of the city of Canário incomplete with some important tourist attractions.
  • Gameplay — A relatively complete gameplay (character creation, driving a car, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle, scooter, boat, horse, etc. Climbing, swimming, etc.). Artificial intelligence for combat, police, some jobs, etc.
  • Vehicles — Around 20 vehicles. Includes initial customization for cars and motorcycles.
  • Armas Around 10 to 20 firearms, with customization and accessories.
  • Character — Character creator, who can be male or female, customizing the body, face, clothes, etc.
  • Environment — Day and night cycle, rain, fog. Probably calendar with seasons.
  • Missions/Jobs — Only a few activities, missions and jobs to do.
  • Mods/Addons — Initial support for external scripts to expand the game by adding new jobs, missions or other types of mods.
  • Animals — Horse (rideable), variations of birds flying and landing, as well as insects.
  • Notable limitations — There will be no dubbing yet, just subtitles. We are betting on the evolution of voices through artificial intelligence, as explained in our presentation video. Still without much of the “roleplay” part of the game.

If the fundraising campaign goes well, Impunes could have public alpha in early 2025.Source: Support yourself

Unpunished is currently being created with the help of seven developers, only two of whom work on the project daily. If “funding goes very well”, we will potentially see public alpha of “GTA Brazilian” at the beginning of 2025 — only on PC, apparently.

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