Among so many criticisms made by players about the CS2, B1ad3Major champion coach with the NAVI, went in another direction. He preferred not to criticize anything until he competed in the game and stated that CS2 is no different from CS:GO.

In an interview with the Escore News portal, B1ad3 spoke about CS2 and confessed that he thought the game was no different from CS:GO, which he referred to as the older brother of the new version of the franchise. Furthermore, the coach compared transitions in previous competitive scenarios.

I’m immersed in CS:GO and I can’t tell you what CS2 is like. I’ll be able to answer the question about the difference when we get to our first CS2 event. We will practice the game and play a tournament in it.

For me, CS2 is the big brother of CS:GO. The Global Offensive is not over yet. I don’t feel like CS2 is a different game. The community was migrating from CS 1.6 to a completely new game: many teams changed their roster, many players ended their careers. Now we just played CS:GO and in ten days we will compete in CS2. The contrast is noticeable.

NAVI’s next scheduled appointment will be at IEM Sydney 2023, a championship that will already be played in CS2. The team will make its debut against Apeks on October 15th, at 9pm. The game will be valid for Group A.

Photo: Reproduction/HLTV
Bruno Martins
published in October 6, 2023


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