Are you looking to know how to get key fragments in LoL for free? Then you’ve arrived at the right place! League of Legends has a very generous rewards system and allows players to have practically any cosmetic in the game, just by having a little luck.

O More Esports will explain everything about key fragments in League! We’ll show you what they are, what they’re for and also how to get them for free!

What are key shards in League?

Key Fragments in League of Legends (LoL) are components that players can collect to create keys, also called Hextech Keys.

How many fragments are needed to create a Hextex Key?

Three key fragments are required to create a complete key.

What are keys for in LoL?

League Keys are used to open Hextech Chests, which contain random rewards such as champion skins, emotes, champion shards, and more.

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How to get key fragment in LoL

It is possible to earn key fragments in LoL in different ways, whether by honoring other players, receiving honors, increasing your honor level, completing specific missions, completing battle pass trails or even using event emblems to purchase them.

Earning Key Fragments via the Honor System

After a match ends, players have the option to honor a teammate for playing well or for being a positive teammate. Receiving honors increases your honor level, and higher honor levels result in more rewards, including key fragments.

Additionally, as you level up in the honor system, you earn exclusive rewards, some of which involve key fragments.

Image of key fragments in LoL
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Play regularly and avoid punishment

Key fragments are distributed periodically, so maintaining constant activity in the game is crucial. Players who are active are more likely to receive key fragments over time.

However, be careful with negative behavior, as it not only earns you punishment, but also means you lose your eligibility to earn key fragments.

Completing specific missions

Another way to earn key fragments in LoL is by completing the game’s missions. With each new event, new missions appear, and some of them give key fragments and even complete chests to players.

Use event badges to purchase key fragments

In LoL events, you earn event badges as you progress along your track. These event badges can be used to purchase different cosmetics in the game, including key shards.

Image of key fragments in lol that can be purchased with event badges
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Number of fragments per month

You can earn a maximum of 12 League Key Fragments every four weeks, that’s four full Hextech Keys!

How to use the LoL Hextech Key?

Step 1. With your game open, click on “Loot” in the top corner of the client.

Step 2: Click on the key fragments and, once you have the necessary amount, click on “Forge”.

Image of how to use the key fragment in LoL
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Step 3: The Hextech Key will be shown in the bottom left corner of the screen, a small key symbol.

Step 4: To use the Hextech Key to open a chest, simply click on the chest in question and select “open”.

Image of how to use the key fragment in LoL
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Is it possible to buy key fragments in League?

Using PR, it is not possible to buy key fragments in LoL, only the complete Hextex Key. Currently a key costs 125 RP. with the price of Riot Points in 2024, the minimum top-up is 400 RP, which costs R$ 10,90.

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