In 2023 a Riot completely changed the way you change your name in League. Previously, players paid in-game to change their nickname, but now it is necessary to change it via the Riot website, as each player has a Player Name and a Riot ID.

Yes, it’s a little confusing at first, but it’s easier than it seems! In this article, we will show you the updated method to change nickname in LoL and also explain what is Riot ID.

What is Riot ID?

In November 2023, Riot began adopting Riot ID as players’ main nickname. This Riot ID is the same in all of the company’s games, but can be changed free of charge once every 90 days.

It is worth noting that It is no longer possible to pay to change your name in LoL.

Riot ID is made up of:

  • Game Names: must contain 3 to 16 characters and do not need to be unique;
  • Taglines: must contain 3 to 5 alphanumeric characters and are unique identifiers;
(Image: reproduction/LoL)

This means that there may be two or more “Zven de Zap” on the Brazilian server, but they will be differentiated by the player’s tagline.

Step by Step on how to change the name of LoL

With Riot ID, it is now necessary to change the League name via the Riot website. Next, see the step by step.

Step 1: Access the website “” and log in with your credentials.

Image of the tutorial on how to change your nickname in LoL
(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Step 2. On the home screen, you will see your Player Name and TagLine. Remember, the TagLine does not appear on your in-game nickname.

Step 3. Change your name to the new nickname and click “Save Changes”.

Image of the tutorial on how to change your nickname in LoL
(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

Is it possible to change the LoL nickname through the game’s client?

It is no longer possible to change the name of LoL through the game’s own client. The option is still there, but it will direct you to the website mentioned above.

Image of Cleint from League with the Riot ID option
(Image: Reproduction/LoL)

“Riot ID is already in use”, what to do?

If when changing your nickname in LoL you received the message “Riot ID in use”, simply change your TagLine to one that is not yet in use. It is not necessary to change the Player Name.

How do I change my name on LoL in less than 90 days?

As mentioned, it is not possible to pay to change your name in LoL, and the minimum period from one change to another is 90 days.

If you want to change your nickname in less than 90 days, you need to have a good reason to do so and submit a ticket to Riot Games. However, this should only be done if themy name in LoL is causing harassment or other negative effects for you in LoL.

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