GTA San Andreas is now available on mobile for free for Netflix subscribers, courtesy of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This version, in fact, is already considered by many to be more beautiful than the one intended for consoles and PC.

Like other editions of the game, GTA San Andreas for Android and iOS has support for codes, cheats and cheats. If you want more ease during your journey in Los Santos or simply enjoy the horror in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

Next, check out the complete list of codes to use in Netflix’s GTA San Andreas, which can be downloaded on Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. See the complete list below, as well as a brief tutorial on how to use the codes.

How to use cheats in GTA San Andreas?

The mobile version of GTA San Andreas has a simple and practical way to activate cheats. See below how to do this:

  • While in the game, click on the minimap to open the main menu;
  • When accessing this area, tap options to open the menu Accessibility;
  • Once in this area, simply select Enter cheat code to enter the combination you want to use.

Accessing the cheat area in GTA San Andreas is very simple. Once you reach this area, simply add the code you want to use.
Source: Voxel/Reproduction

Now that you know how to enter the codes, see below the possible combinations within GTA San Andreas.

Codes for GTA San Andreas on Android and iOS

Codes of life and protection

  • INEEDSOMEHELP: grants money, health and armor
  • TAKEACHILLPILL: enable adrenaline mode
  • NOONECANHURTME: character with infinite life
  • MANFROMATLANTIS: character with infinite lung capacity
  • IAMNEVERHUNGRY: character is never hungry

Weapon codes

  • IWANNADRIVEBY: have manual control of weapons in cars
  • WANNABEINMYGANG: recruit anyone (pistol)
  • ROCKETMAYHEM: recruit anyone (rocket launcher)

Vehicle and traffic codes

  • SPEEDFREAK: all cars have nitrous
  • CHITTYCHITTYBANGBANG: enables flying cars
  • FLYINGFISH: enables flying boats
  • GKPNMQ: cars can drive on water
  • BUBBLECARS: cars float when hit
  • WHEELSONLYPLEASE: cars become invisible
  • ALLCARSGOBOOM: blow up all cars
  • TOUCHMYCARYOUDIE: have an indestructible car
  • STICKLIKEGLUE: driving skill
  • ALLDRIVERSARECRIMINALS: makes all drivers aggressive
  • DONTTRYANDSTOPME: traffic lights always green
  • CJPHONEHOME: enables super jump with bike
  • OLDSPEEDDEMON: habilita Bloodring Banger
  • 18HOLES: habilita Caddy
  • ITSALLBULL: habilita Dozer
  • VROCKPOKEY: Enable Hotring Racer A
  • JUSTTRYANDSTOPME: habilita Hotring Racer B
  • MONSTERMASH: habilita Monster
  • FOURWHEELFUN: habilita Quad
  • DOUGHNUTHANDICAP: habilita Rancher
  • TIMETOKICKASS: habilita Rhino
  • WHERESTHEFUNERAL: enable Romero
  • CELEBRITYSTATUS: habilita Stretch
  • HITTER ROAD JACKET: habilita Tanker
  • TRUEGRIME: enable Trashmaster
  • OHDUDE: enable Hunter
  • JUMPJET: habilita Hydra
  • ROCKETMAN: habilita Jetpack
  • LETSGOBASEJUMPING: enables parachute
  • FLYINGTOSTUNT: habilita Stuntplane
  • IWANTTOHOVER: Enable Vortex
  • EVERYONEISPOOR: all vehicles are from junkyards
  • EVERYONEISRICH: all vehicles are sporty
  • SOLONGASITSBLACK: all vehicles are black
  • PINKISTHENEWCOOL: all vehicles are pink

Climate codes

  • TIMEJUSTFLIESBY: time passes faster
  • DONTBRINGONTHENIGHT: time frozen at 9pm
  • NIGHTPROWLER: always midnight
  • SCOTTISHSUMMER: sunny day
  • TOODAMNHOT: very sunny day
  • DULLDULLDAY: cloudy day
  • STAYINANDWATCHTV: stormy day
  • SANDINMYEARS: sandstorm

Attribute codes

  • WHOATEALLTHEPIES: character with maximum fat
  • LEANANDMEAN: minimal fat and muscle character
  • BUFFMEUP: character with maximum muscles
  • WORSHIPME: ensure the maximum level of respect
  • HELLOLADIES: guarantee the maximum level of sex appeal

Pedestrian tricks, street gangs and level of demand

  • TURNDOWNTHEHEAT: lower wanted level
  • TURNUPTHEHEAT: increase wanted level
  • BRINGITON: six star wanted level
  • IDOASIPLEASE: lock the wanted level
  • SURROUNDEDBYNUTTERS: pedestres armados
  • ROUGHNEIGHBOURHOOD: pedestrians fight each other
  • STATEOFEMERGENCY: pedestres Riot
  • STOPPICKINGONME: aggressive pedestrians
  • ATTACKOFTHEVILLAGEPEOPLE: aggressive and armed pedestrians
  • GHOSTTOWN: no pedestrians and little traffic
  • ONLYHOMIESALLOWED: casts gang members as pedestrians

Miscellaneous codes

  • KANGAROO: habilita super island
  • STINGLIKEABEE: habilita super soco
  • GOODBYECRUELWORLD: character commits suicide
  • BETTERSTAYINDOORS: only gangs in the game
  • LIFESABEACH: beach party theme
  • CRAZYTOWN: carnival theme
  • BLUESUEDESHOES: tema Elvis
  • HICKSVILLE: tema rural
  • NINJATOWN: theme Yakuza
  • SLOWITDOWN: reduces game speed
  • SPEEDITUP: increases game speed

So, now that you know all the GTA San Andreas codes, are you ready for your journey in Los Santos? Comment your impressions of the game on Voxel’s social networks!


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